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Lesbian Wrestling with Winner Fucks Loser Prize Round

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Models / Helena Locke

Avg Rating: 4.1

Helena Locke Vital Stats:
Age:  44
Home town:  Los Angeles, CA
Height:  5'3"
Weight:  135 lbs
Wins:  3
Losses:  1
Wrestling Name:  The Bounty Hunter

Helena Locke Updates

Fighting Compilation
Agatha Delicious, April Storm, Bella Rossi, Bella Wilde, Channy Crossfire, Charlie Valentine, Daisy Ducati, Fiesty Feminista, Helena Locke, Jupiter Jetson, Kaiia Eve, Lauren Phillips
76 Photos, 68 min of video
This video is a Primer for our tournament that starts Next week. WARNING!!!! THIS VIDEO DOES CONTAIN MIXED WRESTLING CONTENT WITH PENIS! if you wish not to see penis, fastforward. The first match up will be Carmen vs. Kaiia. We review some of the past matches for the 8 ladies in our tournament to showcase their skills and improvements over the years. We also cover why some models like Lora Cross and Fiesty Feminista aren't in this year's tournament. Enjoy some of the past matches featuring, Carmen Valentina, Kaiia Eve, Jupiter Jetson, Paris Love, Agatha Delicious, Bella Rossi, Daisy Ducati and Savanah Fox
Feisty is injured this year, Lora Cross was traveling and unavailable to compete

Tags: Compilation Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Strap On Fucking Tribbing
Savannah Fox vs Helena Locke
Helena Locke, Savannah Fox
129 Photos, 39 min of video
Helena Locke has had some impressive matches on the lesbian site as well as the mixed wrestling site. She doesn't have a lot of sex fighting experience but as a pro Domme she has a lot of experience pushing people to their limits. Today she wants to push Savannah Fox to her limit. Savannah only has one match on our lesbian wrestling site but don't let that fool you. Savannah has extensive wrestling history and is a crowned Champion in other leagues boasting wins over women like Cheyenne Jewel and Dee Williams. While Savannah is ranked #1 in our tournament due to her record outside of Evolved, she will have her hands full dealing with Helena. Helena has a great guard game, meaning she likes to trap women in her legs and crush them while. Helena is limber enough to be able to sneak her fingers inside pussy from many positions. Savannah needs to adjust her game to keep Helena from making her cum. This round 4 is a brutal wake up call to the loser. Both women are alpha females who don't like losing. Today, we fans get to see one of these tops submit.

Tags: Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Leg Scissor Squeeze Reverse Head Scissors Strap On Fucking Winner Fucks Loser
London Rose vs. Helena Locke, Vs. Lilly James
Helena Locke, Lilly James, London Rose
182 Photos, 47 min of video
We want to honor all the moms, mommies and porn MILFs this mother's day by showcasing 3 blond bombshell porn MILFs in a mini MILF tournament. This tournament is a "best of out 3" each wrestler will get at least 2 rounds of wrestling. The MILF to win the most round wins and gets to dominate the losers. This year we have Helena Locke, London Rose and Lilly James. All three are freshmen for the season. All 3 are beautiful blonds with a badass attitude. London Rose takes on Lilly James for the first round. The seeding of the tournament puts the London Rose against Helena Locke, Then Helena Locke against Lilly James. The Winner of the most rounds is announced the winner by the ref. The winner dominates the two losers MILFS by making them lez out with passionate kissing, trib fucking, and then both are strap of fucked and made to please the winner with Oral until she cums.

Tags: Big Breasts Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy FLEXING Kissing LEZDOM Strap On Fucking Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser
2020 Year In Review: Best Moments of 2020
Agatha Delicious, Alexa Nova, Bella Rossi, Brandi Mae, Carissa Montgomery, Cheyenne Jewel, Dakota Marr, Helena Locke, Juliette March, Kay Carter, Kelli Provocateur, Lauren Phillips
212 Photos, 101 min of video
We say good riddance to 2020. The difference between a obstacle and an opportunity is perspective. We sure had a few obstacles in 2020 but we managed to Evolve and move forward with putting on a tournament for the first time. We also were able to get some amazing first time wrestlers for us. The Athletes who are new to us are "Freshmen". We recap some of the hottest freshmen to come to our mats in 2020. With the likes of Carissa Montgomery, Mocha Menage, Lauren Phillips, Helena Locke, Dakota Mar, Spencer Bradley, Kay Carter, Lily Lane, Maya, Riley Reyes, Miss Demeanor, Agatha Delicious and Juliette March we got some outstanding competitive and erotic matches this year that you may have missed. Come take a look back at all the freshmen who gave us highly entertaining moments. We wrap this year with a ode to the girls of our tournament. We hope to have more tournaments for vets and for freshmen in 2021!

Tags: Anal Big Breasts Bondage Compilation Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Fisting Foot Domination Foot on Head Foot Play Hair Pulling Strap On Fucking Tribbing
Dakota Marr vs Helena Locke
Dakota Marr, Helena Locke
67 Photos, 50 min of video
Mark this day down in History! The greatest sex fight of all time has arrived! Sweet little Dakota Marr goes by the name Unicor Sprinkles to show her super cute submissive side and thats just about where the submissive side stops. In reality this little lady is a beast on the mats who holds nothing back. Helena Locke is a MILF domme who is a legitimate Bounty Hunter. Yes folks, she is permited to take your ass to jail after she beats the snot out of you. Today she doesn't plan on taking Dakota to Jail but she does plan on doing a full body cavity search by putting her fist right up Dakota's pussy is Dakota loses. This match is incredible with back and forth action from both wrestlers. It seems like No one gets the upper hand. Just as one girl seems to get on top, her opponent sweeps her and traps her. The judges had their work cut out for them on this one. The fight is a 1 point difference. The Winner gets to do what ever she wants to the loser. Winner gets an orgasm with trib fucking and then makes the loser cum over and over and over and over and over.......you get the point. The loser is twitching from orgams and the winner rips one last big one out of her until she's a usless...

Tags: Body Scissors Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Fisting Leg Scissor Squeeze Orgasm On the Mat Strap On Fucking Winner Fucks Loser
Helena Locke vs Remy Rayne
Helena Locke, Remy Rayne
98 Photos, 46 min of video
We have two new-to-evolved-lez wrestlers today. Helena Locke has been on our mixed wrestling site and kicked ass there. She beat up a giant dude and today she's confident that she is going to destroy this pretty young thing, Remy Rayne. Remy has never done any wrestling, she's never done strapon fucking. She didn't even try strap on sex prior to this match because she figured she was just going to win. Remy doesn't think she's a good wrestler but she has seized up her opponent and she knows that her amazonian size will help her get on top and get her "W" and if that fails she will use her pussy licking skills to make Helena Locke cum in round 3. Helena completely dominates the wrestling. This is clear from the first minutes of the rounds that Helena completely out classes Remy in wrestling but Helena gets cocky and in round 3 she taunts Remy, challenging her to get on top and show Helena what she's got. Remy does get on top and Helena regrets it. Remy might just get that Orgasm to get the instant victory. The Winner utterly dominates the loser with sexy, muscles, feet and strap on fucking. The really dig in the victory, the Winner lift and carries the loser, making the loser kiss her...

Tags: Anal Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Hand Gag Lift And Carry Strap On Fucking Winner Fucks Loser


Helena Locke is a real blond beast! One of its kind able to bring enthusiasm, her single glance can ignite fires)) So very would like to see its more often, especially in adversaries with opponents "top" cohort.
Phreaky Deaky
Holy hell, woman! You're a bombshell and an extreme pleasure to watch. The way you dominate these ladies (Remy & Dakota) in the Prize Rounds is just OMG AF. I do hope Ariel decides to unleash you more often on the pathetic and untrained rookies. With your sexy domme self and skills, I foresee more quivering submissive sluts begging to cum back for more punishment and payback. Gain more skills in your arsenal and PLEASE cum back! <3
When should we expect Helena Locke to return?
Helena you’re amazing. So excited to see your new match on Wednesday. I’m sure you dominated those two girls as well. Thank you Ariel!
Bring back Helena! It's time for the Bounty Hunter to go hunting again))