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Lesbian Wrestling with Winner Fucks Loser Prize Round

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Models / Kyra Rose

Avg Rating: 3.7

Kyra Rose Vital Stats:
Age:  24
Home town:  Las Vegas
Height:  5'8"
Weight:  145 lbs
Wins:  1
Losses:  3
Wrestling Name:  Jugs

Kyra Rose Updates

Jenevieve Hexxx vs Kyra Rose
Jenevieve Hexxx, Kyra Rose
56 Photos, 41 min of video
Do you like orgasms on the mat? well today is your day. This match ends in a surprise OOTM early in the last round. One wrestler has had a full 2 rounds of foreplay and she is ready to cum early in round 3 which means her opponent gets the remainder of round 3 to do what ever she wants basically turning it into a prize round. 2 prize rounds for you here. The winner if officially announced and face fucks the loser then strap on fucks her good and hard. Winner face sits the loser and has an orgasm of her own.

Tags: Big Breasts Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Kissing Leg Scissor Squeeze Orgasm On the Mat Strap On Fucking Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser
Orgasms On The Mats
Bella Rossi, Cheyenne Jewel, Daisy Ducati, Jenevieve Hexxx, Kay Carter, Kelli Provocateur, Kyra Rose, Leya Falcon, Lilly James, London Rose, Lydia Black, Spencer Bradley
130 Photos, 37 min of video
We have compiled all the Orgasms on the Mat from the last 18 months to recap all the hot action these wrestlers have provided for us. Nothing is hotter than seeing a sexy, sweaty athlete get trapped on the mats and made to cum so you get 40 minutes of no stop Game Winning Orgasms On the Mat. A warning for those who don't wanna see penis, The last 2 video clips of this compilation are from our Mixed wrestling site. If you don't wanna see Male vs. Female turn this off at 29 minute mark

Tags: Big Breasts Compilation Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Leg Scissor Squeeze Lift And Carry Orgasm On the Mat
Kyra Rose vs Nikki Sequioa
Kyra Rose, Nikki Sequoia
100 Photos, 38 min of video
Nikki Sequoia has been kicking ass and taking ass. She has had a taste of victory and she loved it. Kyra Rose is tired of losing. She's done getting fucked so she started training and getting tips on grappling. These girls go into an all out sex fight. The each get on top and face sit their opponent. Each girl is able to sweep their opponent and land into a lesbian trib fuck position. The lesbian Scissoring in highly aggressive from both of these ladies. This match is close and each girl wants to make their partner cum in round 3 just to guarantee the victory. The winner is called and then she takes her prize. The winner face fucks the loser then strap on fucks her. The dick comes off and the winner rides the loser face after she cums all over her. The winner does her victory pose over the humiliated loser before she leaves.

Tags: Big Breasts Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Kissing Strap On Fucking Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser
Orgasms On The Mat
Alexa Nova, Anastasia Rose, Ashlee Juliet, Bella Rossi, Charlotte Sartre, Daisy Ducati, Dee Williams, Johnny Starlight, Kyra Rose, Lena Kelly, Leya Falcon, Luna Sapphire
99 Photos, 52 min of video
We know your favorite matches of our are the ones that have an Orgasms on the Mat. They don't happen very often but when they do happen, they are a thing of glory. Nothing is sexier than seeing a girl get pinned and trapped on the mat during a competitive erotic wrestling match and seeing her get pleasured so well that she cums against what her own competitive nature is telling her to. This compilation really shines a light on some of our greatest sex fighters like Dee Williams, Daisy Ducati and Alexa Nova. Our Elite Wrestlers are sexual gladiators and these clips highlight the sexual domination only these girls are capable of doing.

Tags: Big Breasts Compilation Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Orgasm On the Mat Squirt
Kaiia Eve vs Kyra Rose
Kaiia Eve, Kyra Rose
104 Photos, 37 min of video
Kyra Rose had a really tough first match against Daisy Ducati. We kinda threw her to the wolves with her first match but hey that's all part of sex fighting. Sometimes you get utterly destroyed by the most powerful sex fighter on the planet and it's okay. Today, Kyra is confident she is going to win against her opponent. Kaiia Eve is a petite new wrestler. She's never wrestled before but she is an ex gymnast which means she has crazy conditioning and strength. This match has intense back and forth action. It really could go any way. We can't spoil it and tell you who wins but all you need to know is one of these girls is an aggressive and impressive sex fighter and she takes her prize like a champ. The Winner throat fucks her loser then strap on fucks her good and hard, pulling her hair and fish hooking her face. The Winner uses the losers body as a dildo just fucking every inch of it. The winner trib fucks the loser, has an explosive orgasm all over her and then leaves her on the mat as a twitching soar loser that she is.

Tags: Big Breasts Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Hair Pulling Strap On Fucking Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser
Daisy Ducati vs Kyra Rose
Daisy Ducati, Kyra Rose
102 Photos, 46 min of video
Just when you think it's over, its only just begun. This match ends with an orgasm on the mat. You never know who's gonna get so turned on they cum and that's just what happens today. Kyra Rose is utterly destroyed in the wrestling by our sexy long lethal legs Daisy Ducati but she fights very hard and eats pussy very well from the bottom. Her sex fighting is excellent and this puts Daisy into trouble. By round 3, Kyra knows it's do or Die. She comes out like a bat out of hell and goes straight for Daisy's pussy, using her face as a tool. One of these wrestlers is so turned on by the foreplay of the fight that she orgasms hard on the mats and loses the match. We make the round continue until the clock runs out of time so the lady who orgasmed isn't allowed to fight back and she must take it for the duration of the round while she cums over and over and over again. Loser is trib fucked face sat and strap on fucked with the REAL COCK dildo. Her hair is pulled by while the winner utter dominates her.

Tags: Big Breasts Body Scissors Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Hair Pulling Humiliation Lift And Carry Squirt Strap On Fucking Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser


No lie Kyra Im sure I could whoop your ass on evolved fights along with Kaiia
Phreaky Deaky
Bro, I would watch that. Arieeeeel! Do you and EFL do fan VS matchups?!
I'm not sure what you mean by that can you elaborate?
Ariel i know it has been a good while since the question was asked but the fans seem to be asking if fans can challenge the wrestlers to meet on the mats.
I understand how that seems appealing to the fans but logistally, legally and practically it is not something I can offer.
I think the fans should be able to pick n chose who face who and who wins who so that it will make it entertaining to see